11 Legitimate Facts About Foods That You Should Know

1. Peaches and nectarines are essentially the same fruit.

They’re nearly genetically identical except for one thing: a gene that’s either dominant (in peaches) or recessive (in nectarines). That’s what determines whether the skin is fuzzy or smooth.


2- McDonald’s fries were cooked in beef fat until 1990.

3- Glass gem corn exists.

Oklahoma farmer Carl Barnes spent years selectively breeding the colorful corn as a way to reconnect with his heritage. Now, anyone can buy and plant the technicolor cobs.

4- German chocolate cake didn’t originate in Germany.

It’s just called that because of Sam German — the guy who invented baking chocolate. The first published recipe for German(‘s) chocolate cake was actually written by a Texas homemaker.

5. And Hawaiian pizza didn’t come from Hawaii.

It was invented in Canada.


 6- On Sesame Street, Cookie Monster’s cookies are actually painted rice cakes.

That’s because the grease from the chocolate and oil in real cookies could damage the puppets.

7- Pineapples can take two to three years to grow.

It’s a looong process. The next time you grab one at the grocery store, think about how far the thing has come!

8- Too much nutmeg can get you high.

It contains myristicin, a compound that has hallucinatory qualities — and brutal side effects — if ingested in very large doses. (Don’t try it, obviously.)

9- Cashews grow on cashew apples.

Cashew apples are edible but better used in juices, jams, and chutneys since the flesh is bitter.

10- Cilantro and fresh coriander are the same thing.

They’re just two different names to describe the same plant. (There are also coriander seeds — which come from the plant too, and you can find them whole or ground up into spices.)

11- Lemons float — but limes sink.

It all comes down to density: limes are slightly denser than lemons.

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