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A Promised Land By Barack Obama : The Best Book Of The Year

“A Promised Land” is a memoir and leadership book that discusses the reign of the presidency of Obama in America. The book also provides a complete guide to the readers who wanted to be a remarkable and famous leader.

This formidable book is written by Barack Obama. He had served as a democratic president of the U.S and with many shortcomings, his presidency is marked by many new developments and progress. In this book, the author tells us that to be a leader and president is not a process of a few weeks or days rather you have to prepare yourself for it for a long time.

The book enlightens the advantages and shortcomings of democratic governance. Here the author gives us a unique way to think about how the democratic presidency could be made the best for the public. In this book, Obama discusses the discussion that took place in the white house and in the oval office to find out and describe the secrets of the ineffectiveness of democracy.

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