“Beyond Fried Chicken” KFC Introduces New Vegan Chicken

2019 has been a blessed year for vegetarians. In April, Burger King disclosed the not possible Whopper, that launched a bunch of vegan-friendly choices to start showing on the menus of places like Carl’s Junior., Dunkin’, and White Castle.

And whereas vegetarian burgers area unit nice, the selection is that the spice of life and, would not you recognize it, we’re on the point of getting vegetarian chicken nuggets, too!

That’s right: KFC can begin testing these meat-free nuggets tomorrow, Aug. 27, in Atlanta, Georgia.

It’s Kentucky cooked Chicken however it’s created with @BeyondMeat. It’s confusing, however, it’s additionally delicious. Feast on these Kentucky cooked miracles the next day whereas they last at KFC in Atlanta, Georgia.

The “Kentucky cooked Miracle” is created in partnership with on the far side Meat, the productive (and delicious) faux-meat maker whose stock skyrocketed upon coming into the market earlier this year.

KFC can supply on the far side cooked Chicken 2 ways: one as a lump with dipping sauce, and also the different as a boneless  “wing” smothered in your selection of Nashville Hot, honey BBQ, or Buffalo sauce.

And whereas the pretend “chicken” itself is 100 percent plant-based, it’s ready in a very shared pullet, therefore strict vegans ought to note.

(You would possibly wish to avoid the honey BBQ sauce, likewise — counting on your attack if honey is taken into account vegetarian or not.)

We don’t nonetheless apprehend if KFC can supply this deliciously pretend “chicken” once tomorrow, however, we will solely hope that the great folks of Atlanta show up at KFC tomorrow to create their interests identified.

Here’s hoping on the far side cooked Chicken launches nationwide soon!

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