Forget Gyros, Here Are 9 Delicious Greek Foods Everyone Needs To Taste

1-  Spoon sweets

2- Taramasalata

3- Saganaki

Two words: Fried. Cheese. That’s all you really need to know to make this your new favorite Greek food. Saganaki cheese is similar to halloumi, and usually served pan-fried with fresh lemon and sesame or herbs.

4- Octopus

Don’t go to Greece without trying the seafood, and definitely don’t leave before ordering octopus. It’s a staple in the Mediterranean diet, and it’s usually served simply dressed with lemon and olive oil. If you’re a little too freaked out to order whole octopus, opt for calamari rings instead — they’re just as good.

5- Keftedes

6- Dolmades

These stuffed grape leaves make a great shared starter before any meal. They’re usually filled with rice and herbs, then simmered with lemon juice. You can get heartier ones stuffed with mince or veggies, but the classic rice can’t be beat.

7- Moussaka

A standard menu item at most Greek restaurants, there’s no beating a classic slice of moussaka. It’s baked layers of eggplant and mince, topped with a fluffy, creamy sauce. When it’s done right, it’s absolutely packed with flavor. It also makes delicious leftovers, eaten cold straight from the fridge — trust us.

8- Koulouri

It looks just like a simple bread roll covered in sesame seeds. But some koulouri sellers coat the bread with honey or sugar syrup before adding the seeds, giving it an amazing flavor. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, koulouri is a perfect breakfast or snack on the go, and is available at every bakery.

9- Pastitsio Pastisio!! Classic Greek dish

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