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-Home Body by Rupi Kaur- The Best Book I Have Ever Read – Download It


Download Home Body by Rupi Kaur PDF eBook free. “Home Body ” is an inspiration-filled book in which gives us the courage to remember our past with courage, have fun in present and build the potential for the future. The author advises us to top our personality with love, care, empathy, bravery, and kindness not only for others but also for ourselves.

Description of Home Body PDF by Rupi Kaur

“Homebody” is an amazing and wonderful book of poems in which the author walks the reader through the intimate and reflective journey of past and present and gives the courage to build the potential for self. Rupi Kaur started her journey of writing at a very young age at 21 when she was a university student with Milk and Honey and next came to her artistic sibling the Sun and its flowers. 

Her books are sold in millions of copies and translated into many languages. Home Body is her third poem book. In this book author is of the view that everyone had hard experiences and tragic incidents in life, they leave such scared marks in our life that it’s hard to forget them.

The author suggests us to have a conversation with yourself, solve the matter, and move on. To give time to yourself is the author’s philosophy of life. Time does not wait for anyone. If You remain stuck in one incident you will remain behind others in this race of life. In short, this is a poetry book that touches love, loss, feminism, trauma, healing, migration, etc. Almost every one of us faces many of these situations so it is a worth reading book for all of us. In short, the book is highly inspiring, lesson giving, and motivation for the readers who want to be successful in life.


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